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Bridge Round 2023

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Estimated time to close: 3 months


NZD4.5M Bridge Round
NZD0.5M Committed Funding
NZD80M Sales Forecast by 2026

Cell & Gene Therapy TAM

NZD30.8B in 2022
NZD155.1B 2030
%22.4 CAGR

Lentiviral Vector Manufacture Market

%11.9 CAGR

Raising 4.5M till September 2023

Complete full capacity GMP set up, improve the technology of production, and onboard customers for 2024 clinical grade start.

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David Downs (no right)

Our Mission

Living without cancer

With our partners we are aiming to make significant strides towards a world with effective and affordable cancer treatment.

With few month's to live David was lucky enough to receive CAR-T therapy treatment in time. Watch his journey and how cell therapy saved his life. 

Watch David on TEDx

Instant result: No more cancer has been detected after chemo left David few month's to live.

"I am very lucky"

The journey became an experience that David loves to share. "The cost of treatment has to come down".

Our Goal

With our network of partners we aim to develop immunotherapy that is accessible to anyone. 



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Back view of businesswoman working with modern virtual technologies

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Using modern technology to win our customers

We use some of the most advanced AI and customer engagement products to make each customer interaction efficient and solve our customers production challenges. 

Customer Focus

Every website visitor has an intent. Through segmentation we understand that intent and are able to deliver what is required for each customer to make business with us. 

100% Market Reach

We use AI and traditional methods to identify ideal customers and engage them in personal and customized conversations.

A/B Testing & Smart Segmentation

With every step through our online visitor journey we understand more about our customers. Each click helps us so record preferences and use them to deliver relevant and accurate information at record time. 


  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot CMS
  • Chat GPT-4
  • ChatSpot AI
  • Bing Image AI
  • Vidyo AI
  • Google Analytics
  • Smart Signature


  • AI Page Optimizations
  • Heat Mapping
  • Live Chat
  • Chat Bots
  • Smart CTAs
  • Cookie Tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Custom Content Delivery
  • Direct Mail

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Scientists team at modern hospital lab, group of doctors

Transforming Healthcare

Lentiviral Vectors play the most important role in CAR-T therapy

There are 6 approved CAR-T drugs, four of which use lentiviral vectors. With our network and partners within immunotherapy and biotech, we aim to transform the future of healthcare and provide easy access and affordable treatments to patients. Join us on our journey.

How it works
Immunotherapy activates the body's immune system to target and eliminate cancer cells, offering new hope for patients. CAR-T therapy genetically modifies a patient's T cells to better recognize and destroy cancer cells. This groundbreaking approach has the potential to transform cancer treatment and attracts interest from investors wanting to contribute to a better future.

Dr. Robert Weinkove
Clinical Director of the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research in Wellington, New Zealand.

Lentiviral Vectors in CAR-T

Lentiviral vectors are crucial in CAR-T therapy, facilitating T-cell transformation. They enable efficient gene transfer, stable expression in non-dividing cells, and accommodate complex CAR genes while minimizing immune reactions.
FDA approved CAR-T

Six FDA-approved CAR-T therapies include Abecma, Breyanzi, Kymriah, Tecartus, Yescarta, and Carvykti, with four utilizing lentiviral vectors. Several CAR-T therapies in clinical trials aim to target different antigens and improve specificity and side effects.
Key Role in CAR-T

  • Efficient Gene Transfer
  • Integration into the bodies own genome
  • Ability to Transduce Non-Dividing Cells
  • Large Packaging Capacity
  • Reduced Immunogenicity
Trans-Pacific Partnership Benefits

  • Reduced tariffs among member countries
  • Enhanced intellectual property rights
  • Regulatory coherence streamline regulations among member countries
  • Easier access to markets of all member countries
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Provisions that protect foreign investment
  • Higher labor and environmental standards

Join Us

We are looking for Investors that consider adding a promising Biotech CDMO startup with purpose and a high growth potential to their portfolio.

We are located in New Zealand, a country with highly skilled workforce, supportive government, favorable regulatory environment and strong economy.


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100% Market Reach
By focusing on reaching and converting our targeted customers online 

Action Required

Fundraising starts soon. Get the info.

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Estimated time to close: 3 months

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