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Living Without Cancer 

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Our Mission
With our network of partners we aim to develop immunotherapy that is accessible to anyone. 

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How it works

Immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer treatment by harnessing the body's own immune system to fight the disease. One notable type, CAR-T therapy, uses lentiviral vectors to genetically modify a patient's own T cells, enabling them to specifically target and eliminate cancer cells. This personalized and innovative approach is providing patients who've exhausted traditional treatment options a new lifeline, offering potential long-term remission with fewer systemic side effects. 

Effective Immunotherapy is Already Here


David Downs (CEO at New Zealand Story Group) has experienced the treatment himself.

Watch David's "strangely funny" story on how CAR-T Cell Therapy restored his health". 

"The Cost of Treatment has to come down".

David About His Cancer at TEDx Tauranga

Instant result: No more cancer has been detected after chemo giving David few month's to live.

Dr. Marina Rajič - Founder and CEO of BioViros

Dr. Marina Rajic

"They key is that we are not alone. We have a strong network of partners that can cater for the entire journey from the first step of targeting the cancer to the last where patients get treatment. This enables us to develop with the necessary speed. 

With passion and expertise from our leadership team we feel that BioViros  and our partners can change the way we think about cancer within a few years." 

David Downs Stuff

"I am very lucky"

The Journey became an experience that David loves to share.

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An Expert Team Protecting Your Investment

We invite you to access our investor details. 

Marina Rajič

Marina Rajič, Ph.D.

Marina's extensive experience and expertise in pharmaceutical engineering position BioViros as a key player in viral vector CDMO services.

Her dedication to making a positive impact through biotech builds trust with clients and partners.

With a strong educational background, including a PhD in Biochemistry, Marina's knowledge and passion drive BioViros' strategic growth, ensuring investor confidence in the company's potential for success.

Saum Vahdat

Saum Vahdat

Saum, CEO of Bridgewest Ventures, drives growth through strategic investments and incubation programs.

His focus on creative thinking in deep tech segments fosters innovation, benefiting social and economic progress.

With hands-on management, Saum accelerates commercialization, cultivates collaboration, and leverages his experience in finance and business development.

John Robson

John Robson

John's extensive finance and investment experience benefit investors as a Director on BioViros' Board and General Manager of Bridgewest Ventures.

With 25 years of expertise in global equity, bonds, and treasury management, he maximizes returns. His involvement in the start-up community showcases innovation and identifying trends.

John's diverse expertise enables sound financial governance and strategic decision-making for investors.

Farzad Haerizadeh, Ph.D.

Farzad Haerizadeh, Ph.D.

Farzad's 20+ years of experience in life sciences and biotech, focusing on cellular therapy and immuno-oncology, brings significant value to BioViros investors.

As Chief Scientific Officer at Bio4t2, he offers expertise in genomics, cell engineering, and therapeutics discovery.

His leadership in R&D roles and academic background further enhance his contributions to the company's innovation and success.

Thomas VanCott, Ph.D.

Tom brings extensive experience in virus and biologic product development.

As Chief Scientific Officer at a Boston-based biotech company and former Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy, he enhances CMC services, leads product development, and drives strategic growth.

Tom's expertise positions him as a valuable asset to investors, ensuring BioViros stays innovative and meets market demands.

Stephen Chang, Ph.D.

Stephen Chang, Ph.D.

Stephen, a human geneticist with 36 years of commercial experience, offers valuable expertise.

His specialization in stem cells, cell and gene therapy, and drug development, along with his leadership roles in startups and non-profits, ensures strategic guidance and successful execution.

Stephen's pioneering work in gene therapy and track record of drug successes further enhance his value to investors.

Rick Hancock

With over 35 years of experience in the life sciences industry, Rick's expertise in cGMP manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and operational excellence benefits BioViros.

His successful track record in driving growth at biotech companies and leadership roles make him a valuable asset for maximizing returns.


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