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BioViros Sales & Marketing Strategy 

The Fast Road to Market


We focus on

Computing and AI Supported Sales and
Marketing Systems 

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 To reach and engage customers

we use full advantage of modern AI Systems

including ChatGPT-supported platforms.

Advanced CRM technology is applied to create
exceptional visitor experiences online.

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Data Tracking & Automations

With consent of our customers we monitor behavior and capture personal and intent related data.

We use A/B, and AI supported multi-variant testing to optimise the user experience on all pages.

To streamline conversions we use best in class CRM software in email, ad, and retargeting campaigns.

Conversational automations improve the  onboarding process of new customers. 


Our digital sales & marketing strategy follows a single focus approach.

Risks Minimisation

With the rise of AI, 2023/24 will bring unimaginable challenges. It is hard to estimate how potential customers will search the internet in 6 months from now.

 Our focus lies on building exceptional communication efficiencies that save our customers time, money and other recourses. Trained staff is able to act faster and better informed throughout the entire journey with our customers.

We believe that these values will retain importance regardless on how search technology evolves.

Our high online conversion rate is also favorable in environments where ads can be purchased.

Strategy 23/24

Conversion 2023

Maximising the online conversion rate for our three user groups of interest. 

Customers - Talent - Investors


Acquisition 2023

Identifying future customers by using AI and non-AI supported searches. Direct targeting and fast onboarding will not require additional marketing expenses.


To display the benefits of our value chain we seamlessly integrate information of our strategic partners. 

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At submission of interest you will find the links to our detailed investors stack in your INBOX. 


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