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Process Development

Reduce scale up risks, ensure consistent outcome, reduce costs, and optimize yield before GMP manufacturing. Finetuned process development is essential for successful therapeutic outcomes.


Tech Transfer

Scaling up the process and transferring technology to a GMP facility are crucial steps in ensuring consistent quality and successful clinical trials for first-in-human doses. Phase-appropriate manufacturing supports these initial doses, and producing batches in the 10-40L range ensures sufficient doses for each patient from a single batch.


GMP-grade Production

By adhering to GMP standards, our customers are assured of consistent, high-quality lentiviral vectors that meet regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of delays in clinical trials, with up to 200L batches. GMP manufacturing is key to successfully transitioning from preclinical to clinical stages, ensuring safety, efficacy, and timely progress in therapy development.


Commercial Scale

Commercial production of lentiviral vectors is vital for gene and cell therapies. Optimized processes yield high-quality vectors, meeting the growing demand for gene delivery in approved therapies. Adherence to GMP standards ensures consistency and safety in large-scale production, aiding successful therapeutic outcomes.


Cell Line

We use serum-free suspension cell lines for a highly scalable process.


Through the use of third-generation GMP-grade plasmids, we guarantee the safety and compliance of your vectors.


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About:  Dr. Marina Rajic, CEO and Founder of BioViros, earned her PhD in Biochemistry from Massey University, specializing in vaccine and diagnostic research. Her professional journey includes a role as a Senior Business Development Manager at Leukocare AG, Germany, where she honed her expertise in drug formulation improvements. Her active participation in science commercialization through various committees supports her understanding of todays challenging environment in drug development.

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CAR-T Therapy

BioViros has a unique position in biotech ecosystem, enabling our customers to access end-to-end solutions for gene-modified cell therapies. Through our strategic partnerships for CAR-T therapy, we aim to deliver all inclusive services. From plasmid GMP production, to viral vectors and CAR-T manufacturing at scale, through to clinical trial support, and commercial scale manufacturing.

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