Stephen Chang
Scientific Advisor

Stephen Chang, Ph.D.

Stephen Chang, PhD is a human geneticist with over 36 years of commercial experience in the life sciences industry, specializing in stem cells, cell and gene therapy, and drug development.

He is an entrepreneur, teacher, and scientific and business leader in the life sciences, with a particular focus on small company startups and non-profits. Stephen provides leadership, strategy, startup counseling, and drug development expertise for complex drug products, as well as organizational structure guidance in both the commercial and non-profit sectors. He strongly believes in the power of teams and their functions, and in training management for high-performance execution. Stephen is a recognized pioneer in commercial gene therapy, viral vectors, and complex biologicals, and he is an excellent speaker and is media trained. He has held C-suite roles in both private and public companies, as well as in non-profits. Additionally, Stephen is an active consultant in cell and gene therapy. Two recent drug successes in Adstilirin rAd-fin/syn3 and Intravail diazepam (both approved) are attributed to his lab or direct involvement.

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