Customized Lentiviral Vectors for Cell Therapies

Accelerate your therapy from clinical trial to market

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Vector Design

We provide tailored vector design services to meet the unique needs of researchers in gene-modified cell therapy. Our experienced team of advisors can help you create customized lentiviral vectors, combining efficiency, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. By partnering with BioViros, researchers can accelerate their projects and maximize therapeutic success through our expert vector design solutions.

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Pre-Clinical Manufacturing

At BioViros we excel in small-scale R&D manufacturing of lentiviral vectors using suspension cell cultures. This approach enables rapid, cost-effective vector production while maintaining high quality and yield. By utilizing suspension cells, we facilitate a seamless transition from early-stage research to large-scale manufacturing, ensuring that our clients' cell and gene therapy projects progress smoothly and efficiently.

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Clinical-grade manufacturing

Our strategic partnerships for large-scale, GMP-compliant manufacturing of lentiviral vectors allow you access to Phase II and III scale production to ensure you pathway to market is uninterrupted by supply shortage. By implementing a robust process validation plan to ensure consistency and reproducibility we are continuously improving the manufacturing process to serve our clients.

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